May 23, 2007  • 

What is EATWISE?

EATWISE (Educated and Aware Teens Who Inspire Smart Eating) is a teen development program run by FoodChange, a nonprofit organization in New York City. High school students become nutrition advocates by gaining knowledge about food and nutrition issues, attaining skills in public speaking, facilitation and advocacy and by creating and conducting their own nutrition workshops and events.

What are the goals of EATWISE?

  • To develop youth advocacy skills regarding food and nutrition issues;
  • To develop leadership skills and employment competencies in participating youth
  • To improve the eating habits of participating youth, their families, and their communities; and
  • To further FoodChange’s work in promoting access to nutritious food for all New Yorkers.

How does EATWISE work?

EATWISE offers a variety of programs to participating high school students in New York City.

Academic Year Internship
Participating youth work with FoodChange as part of their own high school’s community internship requirement. Opportunities for fieldtrips, for conducting nutrition workshops at NYC high schools, and for participating in some of the work that FoodChange does throughout the city are all part of the internship experience.

Summer Internship
For seven weeks during the summer participating youth get paid to work in FoodChange’s community kitchen and food pantry, grow vegetables in a school garden, plan and conduct a large youth-led nutrition event, and organize community actions promoting healthy eating.

School Based Work
FoodChange helps establish EATWISE chapters at participating high schools across the city, which in turn, run their own EATWISE events.
actions promoting healthy eating.

Part-Time EATWISE Staff
Youth who have participated in the summer program and or the academic year internship are eligible to apply to become part-time EATWISE staff during the academic year. As such, youth take on more responsibility and leadership assisting FoodChange staff in running the EATWISE programs.

What is FoodChange?

FoodChange is a nonprofit organization in New York City that aims to improve lives through nutrition, education, and financial empowerment. Founded in 1980, the agency first focused exclusively on feeding New York City’s hungry residents. Over time their work has expanded to include increasing people’s income and making wholesome eating a daily reality for all New Yorkers. As an agent of change, FoodChange uses direct service, education, policy and advocacy to achieve its goals.