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Turkey Meatballs with Fennel, Golden Raisins and Pinenuts

Turkey Meatballs with Fennel, Golden Raisins and Pinenuts

Make extra, as these tasty meatballs won't last long! They have all your favorite fall and winter spices. Serve with gravy or cranberry sauce, for dipping.

Serves 6-8 as an appetizer

Hot Turkey Burger

Hot Turkey Burger

These turkey burgers taste like a whole turkey dinner!

Serves 4

Carrot Top Pesto with Whole Grain Penne

Carrot Top Pesto with Whole Grain Penne

You can eat this bright and nutritious pesto pasta hot, room temperature or cold for lunch the next day!

Serves 6

Your Stories

We want to hear from you! The kitchen is an incredible place to learn, grow and build confidence. Cooking and eating brings families and friends together and builds memories that last a lifetime. In this section, we're featuring recipes and tips from friends who have shared how they have fun in the kitchen!

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SUBMITTED BY: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Actor Dwayne Johnson may be tough stuff in the ring and on the big screen, but the gingerbread men cookies he makes with his daughter are all heart. Check out their delicious recipe for the holidays.


Mollie's Muffins

Mollie's Muffins

Sherri's daughter Mollie loves to get creative with whatever is in the pantry. Muffins and smoothies are her specialties!

Garrett and Andrew love to cook and garden!

Aunt April tells us about how her two nephews love to grow their own vegetables and plants. They love using some of what they've grown as toppings for their Pita Pizza recipe!

Maddy and Aunt Meaghan make smoothies!
SUBMITTED BY: Maddy and Aunt Meaghan

7-year-old Maddy and her aunt love to make refreshing smoothies for everyone!

Kyleen's daughter's English Muffin Pizzas

Kyleen's daughter loves to top these easy pizzas with lots of cheese. She also likes to sample the cheese while she's helping to make the pizzas – who doesn't?!

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